The High School Scholarship Program was established in the 1950s to support the educational pursuits of our young adults attending private high schools. As part of this program, student applications were reviewed by a committee, with winners chosen based upon a set of criteria and the number of scholarships available.

Beginning in 2015, the program has been redesigned as a High School Educational Grant. This grant will continue to be a competitive process with a one-time award given to winners chosen by the KSKJ Life Educational Grant Committee. All eligibility and program guidelines are subject to interpretation and revision by this Committee and the National Board of Directors.

High School Educational Grant Program criteria include:

  • One-time award of $1,000. The number of awards to be given will be determined each year by the Financial Board of Directors.
  • Student must have an active policy in good standing and have maintained at least 2 (two) years of a whole-life policy, or 4 (four) years of a term policy, at the time of application.
  • Students are expected to maintain their policies for at least two years after receiving their award.
  • Applications will be accepted only via an online form on the website and only during the month of September each year. No late applications will be accepted. Applicants will be asked to answer questions and upload a headshot picture for promotional purposes, including recognition in the Voice newspaper and other media.
  • Applicants will need to upload and attach a current course schedule reflecting enrollment as a full-time student at a private high school as defined by their institution.
  • Applicants will need to upload and attach their report card or transcripts from the previous year to their application.
  • Payment will be made to the student in late fall.

For students who have already received scholarships or financial aid awards:

  • Students who have previously received a four-year high school scholarship or a one-time grant/award are not eligible for the 2019/2020 High School Educational Grant.

Please direct any questions about this program to the KSKJ Life Home Office or (800) 843-5755.

*Some lodges have their own scholarship programs. Please contact your local lodge directly for more information.