The 2022 National Board Election is a historic election for KSKJ Life, as this will be the first election in our 128-year history where every adult member will have the ability to cast a vote for the National Board of Directors. We are excited to commence this process as part of the ongoing strengthening of our robust good-governance practices.

Who is KSKJ Life?

KSKJ Life is a member-owned, community-focused organization that has advocated for families and communities since 1894.
We provide financial security through life insurance and annuity products and invest time and money to enhance local communities.

Learn more about KSKJ Life through our Mission page.


The Board of Directors is KSKJ Life’s supreme governing body under the laws of the State of Illinois.
The board governs, sets policies, advises, provides valuable direction and serves the interests of our members.

As of 2020, our governance structure converted to a direct-election model where all benefit members have the opportunity to vote to elect the National Board of Directors.

KSKJ Life Board responsibilities include:

-Creates and assists in the implementation of our organizational strategic plans
-Monitors financial and business objectives
-Works with the home office executive staff to assess and manage risk

You can learn more about KSKJ Life’s organizational structure and updated election procedures by reviewing our Bylaws.

View Bylaws


Any beneficial member in good standing can submit a vote.   Please refer to Bylaws, Section 705 for Election Procedures.

A beneficial member is a person of age 16 or older who has been accepted for membership and who is an insured or annuitant, or a recipient of a settlement agreement benefit by reason of, any benefit certificate issued by the Society.

Direct election materials have been mailed and are expected to arrive in mailboxes soon.

Each beneficial member will receive an election packet in the mail.  There will be three options to vote:  by mail, phone or online.  Online and phone voting will require a control number that is unique to each beneficial member.  This number can be found in the election packet.

Voting closes end of day May 27th, 2022.


The voting portion of the National Board election cycle has begun, and all election packets with ballot and voting instructions have been mailed to all eligible members.

Each beneficial member will receive a unique control number in his or her election packet which is required to cast a vote – either by mail, website or phone.  Note: only one vote per member will be accepted.

**We have experienced administrative issues from the vendor that is conducting the election process for us but believe that these issues have now been resolved.

A new ballot is being mailed to you with instructions to vote.  When you receive this mailing, please vote, even if you have cast a ballot previously.  The best way for us to ensure that we receive and count all ballots accurately is to start over.  Please see the letter from the vendor that will also be included in the mailing. Please accept our deepest apologies for the challenges you have experienced with this process. View our letter HERE

Voting will end at 11:59 PM (EST) on May 27, 2022, and election results will be published in June. Please visit this page for updates.

For questions related to voting, please review the FAQ section on this page or call 1-833-757-0802.

Board candidate bios are below

  • Daniel Golob

    Pueblo, CO

    Current KSKJ Life National Board Member, Finance Committee

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #7

    Field Service Manager,
    Board of Water Works of Pueblo

  • Philip Hrvatin

    Lyndhurst, OH

    Current Vice Chair of KSKJ Life National Board of Directors

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #169

    Financial Advisor,
    Wells Fargo Advisor

  • Anthony Menart

    Eveleth, MN

    Current KSKJ Life National Board Member, Audit Committee Chair

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #59

    Director of Pharmacy,
    Cook Hospital

  • Daniel Mihelich

    Joliet, IL

    Current KSKJ Life National Board Member, Finance Committee Chair

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #2

    Vice President,
    First Midwest Bank

  • Julie Schneller

    Shawnee, KS

    Current KSKJ Life National Board Member, Audit Committee

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #115

    Life Insurance Agent, Kansas

  • MaryLou Stefanick

    Beach Park, IL

    Current KSKJ Life National Board Member, Finance Committee

    Lodge Officer,
    KSKJ Life Lodge #79

    Life Insurance Agent, Illinois

  • Martin Marsic

    Highland Heights, OH

    Current KSKJ Life
    Lodge Officer

    KSKJ Life Lodge

    Engineering Manager,
    Alloy Engineering Company, OH

  • Ashley Mikulan

    Gibsonia, PA

    Current KSKJ Life
    Lodge Officer

    KSKJ Life Lodge

    Interior Designer, McCormick
    Architects & Designers, PA

  • Michael J. Vidmar

    Chicago, IL

    KSKJ Life Lodge


    Financial Credit Analyst and Director of Structured Finance,
    Fitch Ratings Inc., IL



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