KSKJ Life’s Stepping Up Program originally started as a commitment to increase movement and introduce exercise to your regular routine. This year, KSKJ Life will host a virtual 5K Walk/Run, to encourage member engagement and to have fun. Remember you don’t have to be a runner to join us! Sprint, jog, walk, or roll, we’re happy to have you in the race. This is a friendly competition with friends, T‑shirts and selfies. Only you pick the route, what time to wake up and choose what time to start. Run or walk through your neighborhood and choose your finish line. This program is open to all members and non-members**.  Please encourage your friends and family to join in. Each referral from a member will receive a gift from us!

  • Cost is $15 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Educational Grant Program
  • Receive a T-shirt to wear the day of your race
  • Processing fees will be covered by KSKJ Life as a Member Benefit
  • Choose the day you run during the week of September 12-19, 2020
  • Improve your daily habits for physical and mental wellness
  • Have fun!

When it’s time for the event, you chose the day during the week of September 12-19th! Lace up your shoes and choose whatever route you like to start your 5k. After you’re done running, we’ll show you how you performed versus others on the leader board. Challenge a friend and see who is faster. Or just stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Plus, just like a regular race, you can get a T-shirt and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the KSKJ Life Educational Grant Program!

We would love to see you on your journey, tag @kskjlife or #kskjlife #steppingup. Every participant who tags us will receive fun swag!



**A non-member participant must be referred by KSKJ Life Member.




How To Get Started

Registration will close on August 21, 2020.

Learn more about our Educational Grant Program and other Member Benefits