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We Connect
for Life.

Protection for Yours
and Providing for Others
Since 1894

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance is about the love you leave behind to your family and loved ones. Our products are designed to give you peace of mind knowing that you have provided financial security for the people you care about.

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  • Retirement Solutions

    Retirement should be enjoyed without the worry of running out of money. Whether you want to increase savings, protect what you have, or have a paycheck for life, we have solutions to make the most out of retirement.

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  • Membership Resources

    In addition to life insurance and annuity products, KSKJ Life members have access to programs, activities and exclusive saving benefits designed to make your life a little bit easier.

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  • Calculate Your Needs

    Life happens. Use our life insurance needs calculator to see what coverage is right for you.

  • Are you ready for retirement?

    We can help you plan for a perfect retirement.

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Looking for a great solution for retirement planning? Our Window Annuity has a guaranteed fixed interest rate for 1 year – typically higher than a bank-issued CD. This is a great option for you to make the most return on your hard-earned dollars and secure your retirement funds.

A Window of Opportunity

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KSKJ Life By The Numbers

  • 97,000 +

    Volunteer hours contributed by members since 2010

  • $ 75,000

    Matching Funds charitable donations in 2019

  • $ 500,000

    Educational Grants and scholarships awarded since 2015