KSKJ Instrumental in Guiding Me

KSKJ Instrumental in Guiding Me

July 14, 2021

KSKJ Instrumental in Guiding Me

Bob Earley is a member and former president of KSKJ Lodge #143 – Joliet, IL. As Director of Sales and Marketing for Diamond Trailers and Specialty Vehicles, he did not hesitate when approached by Jersey City Health & Human Services to team up and repurpose school buses to accommodate women in the Middlebury community who don’t have a home. They had been noticing an increased number of homeless women living in unsanitary conditions and decided to do something that could help.

Two school buses will be gutted and rebuilt to provide support for homeless women and their kids. Each of the old buses, bought from Illinois Central School, is being outfitted with a couple of showers, a restroom, a washer and dryer as well as a small lounge where visitors can relax until their laundry is finished. These buses will be deployed around April 16th to NJ and ready for usage towards the end of month. Bob anticipates additional ones will be built for other communities, and encourages anyone interested in having some built for their community to contact him.

“I’ve been blessed to have been active in KSKJ and lodge 143 for over 20 years, many as an officer,” said Bob. “Being part of KSKJ has been instrumental in guiding me in building community. Join Hands Day had a major influence in how we evaluated this project.”


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